Advisor Role & Responsibilities

This list includes a number of tasks and responsibilities often performed by HOSA chapter advisors. More advisor resources can be found at 

Those in red are unique to Montana HOSA advisors.

  • Chapter advisors attend workshops at Fall Leadership Conference hosted each October.

  • Chapter advisors may opt to attend MTACTE conference hosted annually in October.

  • Chapter advisors attend State Leadership Conference with their students and serve various roles which may include CE ambassador, judge, and/or presenter.

  • Chapter advisors chaperone students who qualify and wish to attend ILC, more commonly referred to as "Nationals."

  1. Help the students establish a Program of Work, which is a list of activities, projects and events for the year.

  2. Acquaint the students and parents with HOSA and identify the individual rewards gained through its instructional activities.

  3. Assist officers in carrying out their responsibilities, supervise committee activities, provide time for business and program meetings in which students assume responsibility, and expedite the practice of good parliamentary procedure at all times.

  4. Oversee the ceremonial functions, such as installation of local chapter officers.

  5. Initiate competitive events, emphasizing good sportsmanship, while assisting students to evaluate their own progress

  6. Encourage students to attend functions open to them and supervise them during attendance.

  7. Encourage fundraising activities and supervise the financial aspect.

  8. Monitor, revise, and constructively critique all reports (Secretary, Treasurer, etc.)

  9. Encourage capable members to seek local, state, and national offices.

  10. Assist students in preparing leadership activities and competitive events and coordinate other forms of student recognition.

  11. Encourage chapter participation in state and national conferences.

  12. Identify contacts with members of the professional community relative to the student organization.

  13. Suggest resources - people, places, and materials to finance and implement the Program of Work.

  14. Inform the school administration, faculty, students, parents, and the community, as well as state and national offices, of your chapter's achievements.

  15. Coordinate attendance at SLC, including online pre-tests, registration, hotel, bus, meals, and district permission forms.

  16. Submit end-of-year report of all leadership, community service and workforce development hours.