Starting A HOSA Chapter

Why start a HOSA Chapter?

"You should start a HOSA Chapter because, HOSA helps students develop the skills they need to be successful in healthcare.  HOSA is meant to be a student lead organization, so after starting it up you can gradually let students take more control until they are doing almost all of the work.  This not only makes life easier for you, but also helps students become effective leaders.  Finally HOSA Rocks! It is an amazing organization, filled with wonderful people who care about students and healthcare, plus it is a lot of fun!!!"

Amber Walter, Advisor, Butte High School

A chapter is defined as 5 or more students and a supervisory school district employee.  Chapter members and the advisor affiliate (pay membership) with National HOSA.

  1. Obtain approval from your administration.  Contact the OPI Health Science Specialist regarding Voc Ed and Perkins funding.

  2. Contact your HOSA State Director regarding your chapter's charter number and password.

  3. Determine how to organize your chapter and where and when to meet.  Some chapters are built into a class while others are made up of students from several classes.  Still others (Billings) are made up of students from several high schools.  Some chapters host after school meetings; others choose lunch hour meeting times.

  4. Utilize your most inspired students ("movers and shakers") to initiate member recruitment.

  5. See "Advisor Role & Responsibilities" under TEACHER tab above.

See "Establishing a HOSA Chapter" at,