Montana Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

Thanks to a grant from the International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation and Providence Montana Health Foundation, Montana HOSA was able to purchase 4 Heart In-A-Box curriculum trunks in fall, 2015

Montana has 7 CTSOs, 275 nationally affiliated  chapters with nearly 6000 student members. All these links open a new page

Montana HOSA: Future Health Professionals is one of 7 Montana Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO).  Each CTSO is dedicated to assisting students in preparation and navigation of a specific career pathway.  Montana HOSA is focused on health science., specifically healthcare.

Montana CTSO's are overseen by Montana OPI specialists, coordinated by state directors, and implemented by teacher/advisors who lead individual school chapters.  Each CTSO has a Board of Directors.  In 2013, the Montana legislature approved House Bill 86 which allocated $1 million dollars to the 7 Montana CTSOs over the biennium.  Annually, Montana HOSA provides demographics and data to demonstrate meeting mandatory objectives set forth in HB 86.

Montana HOSA currently has 584 affiliated members.  Internationally, HOSA has over 200,000 affiliated members.